Activity Fees

Marching Band and Color Guard activity fees for the 2018-2019 season are $360, divided into six payments of $60. Payments are due under the following schedule:

  • Payment 1 – July 25 (minicamp)
  • Payment 2 – August 23 (end of band camp)
  • Payment 3 – September 30
  • Payment 4 – October 31
  • Payment 5 – November 30
  • Payment 6 – December 31

Payments by check and cash are preferred; payment slips may be obtained from Mr. Lewis. Checks for payment should be made out to the Frederick High School Music Boosters and can either be given to our treasurer (George Ciervo) at games or booster meetings, or to Mr. Lewis at school or practice.

The Boosters will be accepting online payments this season via PayPal by request in an attempt to minimize PayPal fees. Please see the board to make arrangements.

We are offering a $25 discount per student for any family who pays in full before September 30th, and $25 discounts for each of five and ten hours of volunteer service (service hours are accrued separately for each child for families with multiple band members).


The FHSMB conducts various fundraisers throughout the season (Barnes & Noble book fairs, Krispy Kreme sales, Yankee Candle orders, to name a few) which can help pay for student activity fees. These apply not just to marching band, but also for winter guard, chorus, or other non-marching fees. Fundraising credits will be applied to accounts based on the predefined schedule for the event. If a student earns credits but has already paid all fees, the credits can be “rolled forward” to future fees or banked towards the Spring 2020 Disney trip.